Frantic Husband is Frantic

Tomoe, are you here?

{The girl in the strange clothes said she was here...}


{Continues to basically walk around the dressing room, calling out. Feel free to poke him!}

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[Enishi's Mental Weather Report: mostly lucid, with scattered crazy showers and intermittent rumblings of sadistic aggression. Don't leave the house without your umbrella--or your sword.]

Has anyone given thought to how we might leave this place? I had plans, you see, in Yokohama, and I'd like to get back to them.

Have a pre-Tomoe's Death Kenshin!
{Kenshin is standing in the dressing room, but this is not the normal Kenshin. He's wearing a blue gi and grey hakama, has a full daisho, his hair is in a topknot, and he has only one scar.}

{Oh, and he's pissed off. Really pissed off...hello, amber eyes....}

What the-!

Where am I?

{Spins around, looking at the odd place he has found himself in. There's a note clutched in his hand.}

This...this isn't Otsu!

Dammit...I need to find her...they'll hurt her!

you haven't seen devils 'til you've seen them all
expression: 'exorcist' got nothin on me
[This Misao has been teleported in from capeandcowl and there's something not right about her. Your first hint might be that she's in a stained tee-shirt and ripped jeans and her hair is no longer in a braid. Or maybe it's the bloodied pair of handcuffs dangling from one of her wrists. Or maybe it's the black eye and split lip.]

[How about the way she's glaring at the featureless white wall of the DressingRoom? If looks could kill, that wall would be toast. ...oh. Well. That's an interesting crater she just put into it with the dangling handcuff, even if it's healing. And that's a nice NEW crater. I get the feeling she'll be at this for a while, or at least until somebody distracts her]

[[OOC: Basically? I'm actually on hiatus from C&C and missed this plot, but want in on the epic, so I thought I'd hit her up with it over here. This would be a Wrath-enabled Misao, by the way.]]

Have a Shihondai...
{Kaoru is standing there, blinking, rather confused.}


Mou...where am I?
Kenshin? Misao? Megumi, Sano, Yahiko? Anyone here?


And I just got off that island too...

{Her eyes widen.}

Kenshin! He just got me back...he's going to be upset...

And I don't think he's capable of another fight like that...

{She straightens, determined.}

Right! Find out where I am...then find a way back!

Smiley sociopath time!
[[Soujirou is wandering around, sheathed sword at his side, and holding a small wooden box. The kind you might put sweets in, for example. And smiling. Of course he's smiling.]]

[[ooc: Unfortunately, I currently don't have access to the Kyoto arc manga volumes for fact-checking. I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies.]]

s i x (because this place needed some shaking up)
[He steps into the dressingroom and looks around, blinking with a mild and surprisingly non-homicidal curiosity. For someone who killed his adoptive family essentially because he could and because he was jealous, he seems... remarkably mild-mannered and even optimistic.]

Well! This isn't Yokohama. This will put me off-schedule by a few days, but miscalculations on behalf of my transportation can't be helped, I suppose. Although I certainly will have to raise a complaint!

[ooc: Enishi comes from just before his arrival in Yokohama at the beginning of the Jinchuu Arc. And by "raise a complaint" he means, "hijack the ship and kill people if possible necessary."]

The Kenshin dressing room needs a Kenshin! Here, have a rurouni! [5]
um wut?
[Have Kenshin from polychromatic BEFORE his most recent canon update, because I'd like to play him as something OTHER than a lump of emo for the moment.]









Mou... what now?

Does this make me four?
i am not surprised frown
... [This is not where he just was. He is most displeased and shows it by being stoic and frowny.]

[Here, have an Aoshi! Also from capeandcowl. Pre-power discovering.]

Looks like this one is post three!
expression: happy: victory remix
[Have a Misao, poking her head into the dressingroom and then retreating, poking her head back in and then retreating, poking her head back in and--nope! This time she stays. She does a little half-step fully into the room and looks around.]

Well, this looks fun! [Chirpily.] Is this a new part of the City or what?

[That's right, just like Saitou, she's from capeandcowl and she has totally useless super-powers.]


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