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The Kenshin dressing room needs a Kenshin! Here, have a rurouni! [5]
um wut?
crossshapedscar wrote in kenshindressing
[Have Kenshin from polychromatic BEFORE his most recent canon update, because I'd like to play him as something OTHER than a lump of emo for the moment.]









Mou... what now?

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Himura! Good to see you again!

[Pause, laugh, smile. Happy Misao is happy] What do you mean "what now?" You settle in! Haven't you had this happen before?

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Had what happen before?

This! Where you're suddenly in a new place! A place that isn't where you just were!

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[He went a little swirly-eyed.]

Yes... and it normally means that the City is... doing something...

[His brows knit slightly.]

Mou, but you should know that...

What do you mean the City is "doing" something? Cities don't do things, they just sit there!

[And now he's looking at you like you have three heads...]

Misao-dono... you... do remember the City... don't you...?

He is... getting so tired of people leaving and returning with no memories...

Of course I remember it, I was just there! But we're not in the City, Himura!

[OOC: C&C doesn't do curses, unlike Poly.]

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[Glances around a moment, looking skeptical.]

He isn't convinced yet.

[ooc; hee~ this will be fun...]

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[Do not throttle Himura. Do not throttle Himura. DO NOT THROTTLE HIMURA.]

[...okay, yeah. She reaches out and grabs him by his gi.]

Himura. Listen to me. We're not in the City. I know because when I was in the City, you weren't there. Saitou was there. Aoshi just got there. You were not. You were back home, where we're all supposed to be.


[Blinks widely at her--]

[--and then gets serious again, taking in what she was saying.]

Sou ka... we're talking about different 'City's... Where he was you were there, as well as Kaoru-dono and... [Opts not to mention Kenji again--it's too confusing] neither Saitou nor Aoshi were there...

[He glances about again.]

Though... it is still possible this could be his City... it would not be the first time it has drawn other people into it en masse... nor the first time it has changed appearances...

[Yes. He probably sounded like a crazy person... but damn it the City made you crazy T_T]

I don't think this is your City, Himura. I don't think this is my City, either. Pretty sure we're somewhere new!

[Pause. She's trying to figure out a way to explain this without sounding nuts.]

Sometimes, in my City, you'd wake up somewhere else! A street with robot cows, or a large park with a grill. But then you'd go back to the City, and you wouldn't remember it until you were in another one of those places. I think this is kind of like that.

Robot cows... [=_=]

[He scratched at the back of his head for a moment.]

That... still sounds like things that happen in his City... but... Either way he thinks you're right...


Yeah, robot cows! But they were really angry and tried to kill people!

[She smiles, darting around. Apparently the crazy things their Cities get up to really don't bother her. Then again, she's high on life. The three weeks away from Aoshi-sama she spent in the City were nothing next to the eight years without him as a child, but she's high on life seeing him again.]

Of course I'm right! I'm always right! ...Right?

[Massive sweatdrop.]

[Truth be told... he'd seen so much insanity in the City... that it was getting hard to surprise him... Even rabid robot cows...]

[Once you've had on-going conversations with rabbits, been eaten by a giant blob of rancid orange jello, seen fairies come out of a girl's head, swapped bodies with your wife and been turned into a stuffed toy... it started getting very hard to be surprised...]



[The weirdest thing Misao's gone through in her City is a seizure, though she doesn't remember that. The Open RPs have dragged her through MGS4, onto a cruise ship, to ancient Babylon, and other such places. Honestly, the 50's grill party was probably the least weird of these things.]

I know! These places are always really weird, aren't they? What's the worst that's happened to you?

[OOC: Ahhh, Poly. It's funny how little I miss that crazy place.]


He'd... rather not talk about it...

[ooc; ...sorry? o0 (who did you used to play?)]

That bad, huh? Well, cheer up, at least it's over, right?

[OOC: I played Yuffie a while ago. I quit between August and November of 2008.]

[Brows raise slightly.]

Aoshi... The City has drawn you in as well...

[ooc; and... I'm not sure how capeandcowl works, but crazy crap happens in the City all the time... so... he thinks he's still in the City and something goofy is going on again.]

Aa. I didn't realize you were in the City.

[ooc: I'm pretty new to capeandcowl, but the premise is the same. I don't know if the events ever actually change the way the world looks. But they call it the City there, too, so have some confusion. ♥ ]

He has been here for nearly two years... he is surprised he hasn't heard of your arrival before now. He would have thought Misao-dono would have broadcasted it across the entire network day in and day out for a week...

[ooc; hee &hearts]

[He just got there. And is surprised he didn't hear from you when he did. Misao probably drove several people deaf upon his arrival. ]

How long have you been here?


Have you already been given the guides? There is... a lot to take in about this place.

[ooc; oh god say yes, or this idiot will go into 'The City for Dummies' @__@]

Guide? Misao and Saitou never mentioned such a thing.

[ooc: Hehe, sorry! Since they're not actually talking about the same City...]

Misao-dono... knows you're here...?

[Oh yeah. Now he's confused.]

And... Saitou? [Brows draw together.] Saitou... wasn't here before...

[ooc; LOL that's ok! Mention of other people gave me an out XDD]</small>

Aa. I stay with her.

[So is he, although he's maybe sorta kinda starting to get that they aren't talking about the same place.]

Saitou has been in the City for some time. Longer than Misao or I.

[ooc: ^_^ ]

[He nods slowly.]

We are... not talking about the same place...

[He looks around for a moment.]

Which... suggests that... perhaps this place has nothing to do with the City this unworthy one knows...

It would appear not.

[Aoshi is vaguely disturbed by the idea of two freaky people stealing cities. And that there are apparently two of Misao.]


[Kenshin is slightly less disturbed because... well he's been putting up with this crap for two years and has had the fortune of running into multiples before...]

(Deleted comment)
[ooc; ORZ... this reaction is a little too close to what's going to happen in Amat. ;A; do you mind if we just keep going with the other thread and not do this one? I mean, I can still do this one, XD but lol, I really want to save it for actual in-game stuff]


(Deleted comment)
\o.O/ Para!Kenshin coming right up! Except I'm using this account because it has all the icons and the edit function, lol

[Oh. Great. Him again.]


XD I can just feel the happiness radiating off them both

[These icon exchanges forever.]

Oh yes. It is blinding...

[Yeah... pretty much...]

[Yes. Well.]

[Time to torment the Battousai for fun some.]

Afraid I haven't seen your tanuki around. Far too quiet.

Though this Kenji you speak of... [And Saitou can't help but smirk at this] Would I know him?

juuust to give you a heart attack!

You. So you're here.

[Freezes, eyes locking on him.]

[Yeah... he hasn't actually met you again in his world. But he knows who you are. What you're going to be doing...]


Don't you love that cardiac arrest in the morning?

Himura Battousai. Did you believe we'd never see each other again?

[Knowing what is going to happen, much of the remorse he originally shown the other man is absent.]

This one knows that we meet. And he knows what you have planned. [His gaze hardens substantially, hands tightening into fists.] He will not let you lay a finger on Kaoru-dono.

[ooc; this... is not going to go over well is it? 8D]

Moved onto another, have you? So easily?

(Deleted comment)
[Enishi's attention drops (for the most part) from Himura. He stares at Tomoe. In some ways, he relaxes, but in other ways, she puts him on edge. Will she be the Tomoe who doesn't understand?]




It is you!

Do you know where we are?

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