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Have a Shihondai...
brazen_tanuki wrote in kenshindressing
{Kaoru is standing there, blinking, rather confused.}


Mou...where am I?
Kenshin? Misao? Megumi, Sano, Yahiko? Anyone here?


And I just got off that island too...

{Her eyes widen.}

Kenshin! He just got me back...he's going to be upset...

And I don't think he's capable of another fight like that...

{She straightens, determined.}

Right! Find out where I am...then find a way back!

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Misao calls them "in between places." This isn't the world you came from. [he pauses] The only way back is to be sent there, the same as you were brought here.


I thought you were going back to Kyoto with Misao...where's she?

{Tilts head.}

In...between places...Not my world...

Aoshi, you're not making any sense.

Have you seen Kenshin? Is he here too?

[He gives the impression of having shrugged without actually shrugging.]

Look around for yourself.

{Mou...he can be really annoying...}

Fine! I will!

{Heads off determined to find Kenshin. Or Yahiko. Or Sano, or Megumi...or anyone HELPFUL!}

[Annnnd have a Misao bounding in, glomping Kaoru.]

Kaoru-san! You're here too! [She gives Kaoru one last squeeze and then drifts backwards slightly.] I guess I should tell you... You're not in Japan anymore.

{She smiles, lighting up.}


What do you mean I'm not in Japan?

Nothing is making any sense, and no-one will explain!

[Misao shrugs, looking uncomfortable. She rubs a hand on the back of her head.] I don't know how to say this... But you're somewhere else? It's, uhm, kind of a place that's in between places?

But we can't go home. We have to just hope to get sent back. Then, once we go home, we forget about these places. It's like they didn't happen at all, I guess.


That...doesn't make any sense...

How can we forget about something like that?

And if we do forget, how do you know that we...forget...

{That came out making a lot more sense in her head...}

Well, once you get sent home, it's not like you stay there. I... I haven't been home in a long time, actually. Since I first got stuck in one of these things. I've been to lots of other places, though, and a lot of them were really interesting, so it's not really so bad...!

[Quelle surprise, Saitou's lurking around, plus cigarette in hand. His mouth twitches upon hearing her voice, frowning in mild irritation. Why did it have to be /her/ showing up--]

If it isn't the Battousai's tanuki.


{Mou...not him....AOSHI, in all his stoicism, is better then HIM!}

{She conveniently ignores the part where he says she's Kenshin's, or she'd start blushing and not be able to shout at him properly...}

[Aand he has to resist covering his ears.]

And loud as ever.

I'll show you load you...grrr.

Where are we? And where's Kenshin?

/is a very slow tagger orz

He's wandering around somewhere, I'm sure.

you have no idea *weeps*...and actually lost the notification for this...

{Huffs off to go looking for Kenshin.}

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