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you haven't seen devils 'til you've seen them all
expression: 'exorcist' got nothin on me
amnotaweasel wrote in kenshindressing
[This Misao has been teleported in from capeandcowl and there's something not right about her. Your first hint might be that she's in a stained tee-shirt and ripped jeans and her hair is no longer in a braid. Or maybe it's the bloodied pair of handcuffs dangling from one of her wrists. Or maybe it's the black eye and split lip.]

[How about the way she's glaring at the featureless white wall of the DressingRoom? If looks could kill, that wall would be toast. ...oh. Well. That's an interesting crater she just put into it with the dangling handcuff, even if it's healing. And that's a nice NEW crater. I get the feeling she'll be at this for a while, or at least until somebody distracts her]

[[OOC: Basically? I'm actually on hiatus from C&C and missed this plot, but want in on the epic, so I thought I'd hit her up with it over here. This would be a Wrath-enabled Misao, by the way.]]

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[Saitou is going to pause and blink, doing a double-take at both Misao's appearance and manner. It seemed uncomfortably familiar to the masses outside...]


[She pauses in her attempted obliteration of the wall. She turns, slowly, to face him. Her expression is pure, numb anger, with just a shade of bitterness thrown into her voice.]

Don't call me that!

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XD false combo then? /hugs

[Hm. Well. That wasn't particularly normal.]

Something wrong, Makimachi?

Everything! I'm stuck in this stupid in-between when I should be in the City! stupid cop, trying to arrest me; that jerk totally deserved it [paaaaaaaause. The way you just said her name sinks in.]

Are you making fun of me, Saitou?

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[Sigh. It seems no matter what he calls her she's going to explode.]

You said not to call you Weasel.

[Attempt #1 to change subject:] Cop--?

Some cop tried to arrest me. [She holds out the arm with the handcuffs, rotates her wrist so the dangling handcuff twists. It should be noted that there are strands of human hair lodged in the blood.]

[His brow does raise slightly at that, noting every detail involving the handcuffs - one had to be observant, with his job and as a hitokiri... but this was just unusual for the weasel girl.]


Somebody tried to break my jaw, so I hit him with a piece of trash. His chest went crunch. [At least her tone isn't nonchalant. Right? (Wrong. Her tone says she's satisfied.)]

did i mention i'm a bad slow tagger ._.;

[Light pause]

So comfortable with death, now, are you?

[Well, that isn't worrisome at all. He makes sure she sees him before he speaks, so as not to startle her.]

Misao. What happened?

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Everything went wrong. [She begins to clench her un-cuffed hand into a fist.] Japan was new and I got back and Bakura was letting somebody else stay in the apartment and Dent was pitying me. Pitying me! Pitying me! And then the rioting--[Her hand begins to bleed from her nails digging into her palm.]

[He narrows his eyes at her clenching fists and the blood on her hands. Her entire appearance is disturbing but something about her hands bothers him.]


Yeah, rioting. There was some crazy person flying around talking about blood in the streets. Then some guy tried to break my jaw, and some cop tried to arrest me, and [The mood-braid is twitching from side to side like the tail of a cat waiting to strike as she raises her wrist. More than just blood, there's hair on those handcuffs.]

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[She could be in better shape physically but she isn't in terrible shape. He has more pressing concerns, like what she's done and how to deal with her the persistence of this rage. There's a change in his voice when he speaks, the difference between 'Aoshi' and 'Okashira.']

What did you do?

I didn't stop to look, Aoshi-sama. I broke his hold, swung the handcuff at him, and kept moving. [Looks at the cuff. Pokes at the hair trapped in the blood.] I guess I must have hit him in the head. [Pause. She shifts her weight, causing the braid to twitch once again, clearly impatient at the Okashira tone. "What did you do?" sounds like a question you ask a child and she doesn't like it. Her expression reflects this.]

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wow I messed that last tag up /is out of it

[He can guess that something in the City is the cause of what's wrong with her. The more pressing concern is if there's a way to fix it now that she's here.]

You see nothing wrong with your behaviour?

[His disapproval is clear, although there is little change in his voice or expression.]

Re: wow I messed that last tag up /is out of it

Aoshi-sama... [The disapproval hit her hard, as always, but when she looks up at him, her tone hardens.] Aoshi-sama, are you saying that I should have let myself be handcuffed on a street full of people trying to kill everyone they could see?

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[He catches the handcuffed wrist in his hand and hold it up.]

It doesn't bother you that you could have killed that man?

[It's not the defending herself that bothers him. It's that she doesn't care about what she's done (or could have done).]

He could have gotten me killed, Aoshi-sama. [Her expression says: I hope I did, because he deserved it. The impatience in her tone is changing to a queer sort of tension. It's not quite anger, but it's getting there. If she were a cat, her tail would be flicking back and forth again.]

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[Aoshi knows that Misao has never taken a life, in spite of expressing the desire to or saying she'd like to in fits of temper. For someone like her, the first time would be something traumatic. This isn't right.]

I understand that you were defending yourself.

[He loosens his grip on her wrist slightly, so he can easily trap the arm behind her if the tension in her voice is a prelude to violence.]

Why are you still so angry?

[Misao's unusual behavior making it impossible to approach this as her leader, he switches to a bit gentler means of questioning.]

[Unfortunately, examining her anger only resurrects it. The tension in her voice increases. By 'things I need to do' she actually means 'people I need to beat up,' and it shows in both her expression and tone] I'm stuck here again when there are things I need to do back in the City.

[Her gaze shifts to him, goes from keen to cutting.] And when I go back, you won't be there. Doesn't that upset you even a little?

[Yeah, he's going to be a complete asshole and try using her feelings for him now. It's for a good cause.]

More than you know.

[It might also be true.]

[Her eyes narrow. She looks up at him, multiple trains of thought racing through her head, speeding up, growing louder and echoing off each other until her mind is a cacophony of anger.]

[She tries to take her wrist back, takes a single step away from him. She needs to breathe, needs space, even if she doesn't want it, even if she wants to just close her eyes and do what the anger tells her to do.]

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[He doesn't let go of her wrist. He's nowhere near stupid enough to let go of the arm with a makeshift weapon attached to it; not when he thinks she could turn on him at any second. He doesn't pull her back when she steps away, confident that if he needs to, he can restrain her with little trouble.]

Was there an answer that would not have angered you?

[That's not making her any happier. It should be noted that she's unaware of Aoshi's actual intentions; she's just angry and jumping to conclusions.]

Something that wasn't trying to use the way I feel about you. Something that wasn't treating me like I'm just some know-nothing--

[She closes her eyes. The tension finally comes to a head. She goes stiff. When she opens her eyes, she steps away from him again, twisting her wrist in his grasp, trying to break the grip of his thumb.]

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[Refusing to let her go but worried about tightening his grip on her wrist and hurting her, he pulls her back against him. Dropping to his knees - so he can maintain a hold on her with less effort - and bringing her to her knees with him, he pins the arm with the handcuff between them.]

You want me to tell you I don't care?

[She squirms as much as she can without breaking or dislocating her wrist. She looks over her shoulder at him, physical pain causing lines to form at the corners of her eyes on the bridge of her nose. But the anger causes her to ignore the fact that trying to get her wrist out of the pin hurts, and it's mostly anger that shows in her expression and tone.]

If that's what you really mean, yes! It's better than this--than trying to use what I feel for you to keep me harmless. Are you afraid I'll hurt you, Aoshi-sama? Too cowardly to risk your own skin, even after you--

[Got people I love killed, she doesn't say, she can't say, not even now.]

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[He tightens his grip some to keep her from struggling too much and adjusts his hold to ease a little of the pain he's causing her. He says nothing. There's no reasoning with her and no answer for the accusations or the guilt he feels. Instead he holds her and hopes whatever was done to her will pass soon.]

[She keeps moving, though, writhing against his arms, against the heat pressed against her back. She tries to fling an arm out, looking for a pivot point, a way to turn so she can attack. She actually tries to bite him before she goes stiff again, realizing that he's shifted and the wrist hurts less. Unaware of the damage she's done, only aware that talking trash makes him move, she tries again.]

So you're still trying to use what I feel--

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[He doesn't give her anymore leeway. Not when she writhes, not when she tries to bite him, not when she speaks. He is concerned, first and foremost, but he is also tired of this, frustrated, and hurt.]

To restrain you? No. I'm using my body.

You whore. [It should go without saying that her tone takes on derision she would never actually feel.]

[He sighs inaudibly at that. He knows she isn't herself (even if he is letting the comment about his role in the others' deaths get to him) and he's fairly certain he knows how she made the leap in logic from physical restraint to whore but he's still frustrated.]

...As you say.

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Don't agree with me! I don't want you to just humor me, like you always do!

[He resists the urge to sigh again and tightens his grip a little.]

Humor you?

Yes, humoring me! Do you think I don't notice?

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[He's genuinely confused about this. Being called a whore again would be an improvement. There is just a tiny hint of how frustrated he is creeping into his voice.]

Notice what, Misao?

[She hears that frustration and there's a moment that she bares her teeth in an almost-smile.]

What, don't you know you're doing it? Just agreeing with the weasel girl so she'll be quiet and go away?

[He leans down a little so his mouth is near her ear.]

Think about what you just said. If my intention was to make you go away, how could I be unaware of that intention?

[Her breath hitches at his first word; by his last, she's gone stiff in his arms, barely daring to breathe. It gets to her. Not that she wants him to know that.]

[After a moment, though, the anger only intensifies. She closes her eyes, gives into it, struggles more, until it hurts again. And she'll keep trying to rotate that wrist until he either loses his grip or she hurts herself.]

[Angling one arm diagonally across her body to hold her, he moves the pinned arm from between them. Changing his hold carefully so that he's crossing her arms across her body, her hands held tightly in his own. He keeps his head close to hers so she can't get any leverage for a headblow.]

You'll hurt yourself if you continue.

[She tries to struggle, but he's got her in pretty much the perfect hold to incapacitate. Not to mention the advantages he has over her in reach, strength, and training. There's a part of her that recognizes how close he is, recognizing the hold for what it might have been, if the circumstances had been different. It only makes her angrier and more desperate. She wriggles in his grip.]

I don't care! Aoshi-sama--[she bites off the rest before she can say 'please,' angry enough that it gets lost in a frustrated throat-noise.]

[He did notice her breath hitching and her awkward ending of the sentence. He doesn't dare to hope it means she's calming down, though. He stays quiet for a time, when he speaks there's a hint of resignation in his voice.]

I care.

I--you--don't--don't do that! [And she struggles even harder. Not that it's getting her anywhere.]

[He can't reasonably tighten his grip any further but his grip does remain firm. He's resigned himself to staying like this until she exhausts herself.]


Don't use the way I feel about you!

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I'm not.

[This time it's true.]

[She stops struggling, though her muscles are still tense. It might be invisible to outsiders, but pressed up against him as close as she is, the quivering is probably obvious. That tension is obvious in her voice, as well.]

You... aren't?

[He notices the quivering and the tension and isn't sure what to think. He doesn't loosen his hold; he's not sure if this is a sign that she's calming down or if she's about to become violent but at least she's stopped struggling.]


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