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Have a pre-Tomoe's Death Kenshin!
hitokiri_ryuu wrote in kenshindressing
{Kenshin is standing in the dressing room, but this is not the normal Kenshin. He's wearing a blue gi and grey hakama, has a full daisho, his hair is in a topknot, and he has only one scar.}

{Oh, and he's pissed off. Really pissed off...hello, amber eyes....}

What the-!

Where am I?

{Spins around, looking at the odd place he has found himself in. There's a note clutched in his hand.}

This...this isn't Otsu!

Dammit...I need to find her...they'll hurt her!

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Narrow golden eyes...

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Himura, hurt who? You mean Kaoru-san, or--?

{Himura. The girl called him Himura. Not Battousai. Perhaps she's the older sister of one of the children...}

I don't believe I know this 'Kaoru-san'.

Please tell the children I will not be able to play with them for a time.

{He needs to find a way out of}

Do you know where we are?

{Do you know how to get out of here...}

{He doesn't have time for this. Tomoe doesn't have time for this...}

{He's not even looking at her. If he did, he'd surely comment on her outfit...}

<3 <3 <3 A Battousai~ (also, part one of two)

Children? Huh? What children, you mean Yahiko? And what do you mean you don't know Kaoru-san?

done, sorry for the rampant combos.

Unless you're--

What year is it?

don't worry! I like combos!

{Yahiko, Kaoru-san...names he doesn't know...and she sounds young, too...about his age...and what does she mean what year is it?}

{He finally turns to face her.}

Look, I don't know who you are or what you're talking about, or the fact that you seem to be slightly insane, but -

{He just saw her outfit. Oh. Thighs.}

What...are you wearing?

{It's a very different reaction form the older version, isn't it?

[Blink.] There's something wrong with what I'm wearing? Huh? [Aaaaaaaaand dismisses it] I'm not crazy! I just happen to know you, and you're--

All right, there's no explaining that, and I guess now I don't even need to know what year you think it is, because it's pretty obvious when you're from.

[Sigh. More seriously:] Himura, try not to worry too much about Tomoe-san. She's... well, she's safe enough here, I guess. I'm sure she's around somewhere. I just saw her a day or so ago. [But it feels hollow to say that, because she knows how the story ends. She's lived its epilogue.]

You say you know me, yet I have never seen you before - and you're wearing clothing a brothel girl would blush at!

{Stiffens.} here?

{This girl...she couldn't be involved with it, could she? But she called him by name, and seemed to know him...and she spoke of Tomoe...}

Blah blah blah, combo, blah blah blah

D-did you just compare me to a whore?! I oughtta--

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How could you even make such a stupid mistake, Makimiachi Misao is not a whore! [Continues on in a vein of general Misao rage for about a minute straight.]

Edited at 2009-10-04 05:03 pm (UTC)

[And then calms down, pretty abruptly. What an introduction to Misao's temperament.]

Yeah, Tomoe-san is here. I just saw her a little while ago. And she'll be waiting for you, too, whenever you get back to where you're from.

Himura, this is going to make me sound even crazier, but you're not in Japan anymore. You're somewhere else, a kind of place that's in between other places.


You're right, that does make you sound crazier.

{Tomoe is here. Somehow...wherever here is...she is here. He has to find her.}

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