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fa_ru_xue wrote in kenshindressing
[Enishi's Mental Weather Report: mostly lucid, with scattered crazy showers and intermittent rumblings of sadistic aggression. Don't leave the house without your umbrella--or your sword.]

Has anyone given thought to how we might leave this place? I had plans, you see, in Yokohama, and I'd like to get back to them.

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(Deleted comment)

Oh god, this could get ugly!

Himura Battousai. [His hand reaches for his sword, fingers clasping the cool metal, finds comfort in it.]

(Deleted comment)

OKAY, maybe this time, the HTML will work.

[He just gives her a hard stare.]

So you are Himura Battousai. But you're--[a woman. He looks taken aback for a bare instant, before... well, for hints at his expression, see icon.]

No. It doesn't matter. That you can smile after what you've done--[The sword comes free of its sheathe with a faint sound.]

(Deleted comment)

Yes, yes it can. /s-sob.

You mean to pretend you don't know? [He's moving forward, though more slowly than usual. This won't be the complete and utter destruction he'd had planned, but it will be sweet nonetheless.] You mean to pretend you're innocent?

(Deleted comment)
No. No. I know, I know it was you, I saw--You killed her, you killed her--

[No more words, after that, he's slipped into a run, is crossing the distance between them at dead speed. There's no more warning than that as he brings his sword down and across in a nasty overhand slice.]

(Deleted comment)

That it might! You can reach me at Submerged Candle

[Enishi pauses, not to take a breath, but to get the red hazing rage under control. No matter how good it would feel to simply give in to the hatred that has plagued him ten years, that has fueled him, and simply fight blindly, he can't afford to.]

[Himura Battousai must die, and to kill him, Enishi must be able to think.]

I'm not your--your--sheath--

I saw. I saw--!

(Deleted comment)

Oh, that was straight-up AIM. I'm

How can you not know? You killed her, you killed Tomoe--! Your wife, my elder sister--

(Deleted comment)

Sure thing! Sorry about that.

[There's a long, long moment of staring. He'd assume she was a hallucination, because he's so used to seeing her, but she spoke, she spoke to him, and his smiling Tomoe never spoke.]


[Another pause. She doesn't seem to recognize him. How strange. How particularly strange. It doesn't make sense. His mind fragments briefly as he tries to reconcile "Tomoe" with "not knowing him".]

Tomoe--elder sister--

(Deleted comment)
[He stares at her for a while, trying to reconcile fact with fiction, reality with the unreality he lives in. At last, he laughs, but not out of genuine mirth--more like a bitter amusement.]

Elder sister, oh, Tomoe, what didn't happen? There was you and him and what he did to you. But none of that matters now. Don't worry. I'll make him pay.

[He reaches for her hand, half-tentative, half-automatic.]

(Deleted comment)
No, don't fret, don't worry. [He takes her hand in his and finds a smile, happy that she's here, that she's alive, that he can touch her again--and the how of it doesn't matter to him.] It'll all be all right now, elder sister. You'll see.

(Deleted comment)

Yes, yes he is a crazy Enishi.

I grew up, elder sister. [He places his other hand against the hand on her cheek. It's so strange, to be taller than Tomoe while being able to touch her.] I'm twenty-four now.

Because one brainbreak isn't enough...

[Wandering through, dressed in a slightly faded red kimono made of some... wool or cotton-like fabric, combined with western women's boots that just... don't look right on her. Looks rather... underweight, skin a bit gray.]

[One hand lifts to hold the front of the kimono as she looks around.]

Is this the gate's doing...?

[ooc; have the post-death Tomoe from dystopian_flux &hearts]

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Indeed! Why stop at one?

[More staring.]

T-Tomoe.... But you were just... I saw you, you weren't.... [Annnnd he's struggling again, trying to reconcile reality with his regular unreality with pure impossibility. It's not often he feels crazy, but he does, because he just saw her and she was different.]


8D the more the merrier, yes?

[Takes half a step back, returning the staring... She's never seen this man before... has she...? He wasn't in Veles... But... he looks almost familiar... Almost...]

[Turns a little more toward him, brows knitting in confusion. He knew her name... but... The last this unworthy one saw him was at the battle of Toba-Fushimi... his hair had turned snow white...]

[Her eyes go a bit wide, stumbling back another step, just studying him... It... it couldn't be him... could it...?]

[But Kenshin had been there in Veles aged over a decade...]


E... Enishi...?

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The more the merrier, yes, yes! (1/2, because I live to combo)

[The confusion clears, not because he understands, but because he dismisses the need to understand. To him, Tomoe is Tomoe is Tomoe, whether she's the smiling hallucination, or the elder sister who says there is no way out, or the elder sister who talks about gates.]

[He smiles at her, reaches for her hand--]

[--and notices the grayness of her skin, how underweight she seems. The boots escape his notice, for now.]

Tomoe, what's happened to you? Your skin--you--you look so--

Did he do this to you?

[She doesn't protest as he takes her hand... can it really... really be her little brother...? Her little eight-year-old Enishi who had been one of her most constant thoughts since waking in that desolate town...]


[It didn't seem real... or right... and she slowly raised her other hand to touch his face...]

I... [Brows crinkle a little, shaking her head. She didn't know what he meant, and she was still so shocked to see him that she couldn't discern it at first.] Who? Did who do this to me...?

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