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Frantic Husband is Frantic
hitokiri_ryuu wrote in kenshindressing

Tomoe, are you here?

{The girl in the strange clothes said she was here...}


{Continues to basically walk around the dressing room, calling out. Feel free to poke him!}

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[Is off in one corner, kneeling and dozing slightly against the wall... at least until she hears her name. She looks up a little drowsily and...]


[And this had to be a dream...]

[That... That was her husband... Not only was that her husband... that was her husband... exactly as he had been the day she died... not the broken mess of a man ten years older that she had met immediately after her death... not the calm and collected wanderer yet another three years older than that...]


[That was her husband...]

[But it had to be a trick... she had to still be sleeping...]


[She slowly stood from where she was, trying to blink her confusion away. She's wearing a slightly faded red kimono made of some unidentifiable fabric and western boots underneath.]

{That voice...}

{He spins, frantically, looking for her - and spots her, hurrying over.}


{He hasn't noticed the thiness, the greyness of her skin or her odd clothes...yet.}

[It's him... it's really him...]

[And for a brief moment, she thought that maybe it had all been a dream, one big horrible nightmare...]

[But she knew better...]

[Her brows knit and tears rise in her eyes a little. No. No more holding back. No more being lost for words or actions. As he rushes to her, she sprang forward herself.]


[And she threw her arms around his shoulders, burying her face into his neck.]

{His eyes widen as his wife, his conservative, touch shy, quiet, refined wife - hugged him.}

{He clutched her close, feeling all his tension rush out, as he buried his face in her shoulder, feeling her dark hair caress his forehead and cheek.}

{White plums...}


{Subconsciously, some part of him notes the differences, the strain in her eyes and the oddness of her behavior - but right now, all he cares about is that she's here, she's safe, she's with him...he can keep his promise. He will protect his wife.}

[Even as his tenseness left, hers remains, possibly becoming worse...]

[He didn't know... He didn't know any of it... That much was written on his face...]

[She just held him. Just a little while... before she would have to tell him the truth...]

[Just a little while...]

{He notices the tension, and pulls away slightly, looking at her, taking in the differences.}

Tomoe...what happened to you?

{How could she have changed so much? It had been less then a day since she'd been in his arms...}

[Her arms slip back down in front of him to grip the front of his kimono instead, leaning in more to press her forehead to his shoulder so that she doesn't have to look him in the eyes.]

Not yet... Please...

[Hold me a little longer... without all the pain in your eyes... Just a little longer...]

{He can't refuse her anything, and she's so thin...he holds her tighter.}

{Later. He'll ask what has happened to her later.}

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