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Looks like this one is post three!
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amnotaweasel wrote in kenshindressing
[Have a Misao, poking her head into the dressingroom and then retreating, poking her head back in and then retreating, poking her head back in and--nope! This time she stays. She does a little half-step fully into the room and looks around.]

Well, this looks fun! [Chirpily.] Is this a new part of the City or what?

[That's right, just like Saitou, she's from capeandcowl and she has totally useless super-powers.]

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(Deleted comment)
Honestly, I've had this happen to me a lot. I keep waking up in places that are totally new, and then forgetting about them until I wake up in more new places!

I think of them as kind of... in-between places.

[Pause. A sunny smile.] I'm Makimachi Misao! It's nice to meet you!

(Deleted comment)
[That name rings a bell. Misao stares. No polite bow here. She's too startled.] You! Himura's wife! It was your diary Kaoru-san wanted me to bring--!

[And then realizes that maybe she shouldn't discuss these things. This woman doesn't look dead. She proooobably shouldn't tell her that she is. Misao shoves a hand over her mouth.] Oh no! I'm so sorry, sometimes I don't even think about what I'm saying!

(Deleted comment)
[Talking or thinking about Himura Tomoe in the present tense is bizarre. Hell, talking to her is strange enough. It's hard to imagine Kenshin with this woman.]

I don't know about being from your future. These in-between places mess things up sometimes! They pull people in from all sorts of worlds. Sometimes people meet people they think they know, but everything's wrong! So maybe some things in my past don't happen the same as they do in your future?

(Deleted comment)
[Misao smiles.] These places really aren't so bad! Except for the ones that are dangerous. But it looks like this one isn't, so don't worry too much.

(Deleted comment)
This place really isn't worth worrying about. And you can call me Misao, it's all right!

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