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Does this make me four?
i am not surprised frown
born_gloomy wrote in kenshindressing
... [This is not where he just was. He is most displeased and shows it by being stoic and frowny.]

[Here, have an Aoshi! Also from capeandcowl. Pre-power discovering.]

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[Have a happy cheerful apparently un-ruffled Misao.]

These things happen sometimes, Aoshi-sama! You just have to get used to them.


[He's getting used to them and it worries him.]

I wonder if this is like any of the other times! The ship wasn't terrible! So this could be fun! [Looking at you, Aoshi-sama, she's staring kind of hard at you so she can completely read your answers] That park party wasn't so bad, was it?


[The displacement is annoying but tolerable. At least he can still keep an eye on Misao.]

[She smiles at him.]

Well, at least we're out of the City, right? One step closer to being where we should be.


[He isn't sure if this is closer or further but sees no need to stomp on Misao's optimism.]

[Smiles again and sits next to him. Chatters at a low volume (for once) for a little while, and then she goes quiet. She's just sitting there, happy because he's around.]

2/2 (Have a Misao post Kyoto arc! :3)



[Have Aoshi going "oh god there are two of her" in his head.]


[And she bounds up to him, laughing happily and immediately leaping up for a hug.]


[Rests a hand lightly on her head.]

...You've been well?

[She lets him pat her, beaming happily before attaching herself to his waist.]

I'VE BEEN FINE! I was in the City, and and and, I made lots of new friends, and and there's so much to see there! But I missed you and Jiya and the people in the Aoiya, and and and FINALLY YOU'RE HERE!!!

What about you?!

[ooc; omg. May I IM you? XD]


I thought you and Misao were going back to Kyoto?

Oh! Is she here too?

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