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s i x (because this place needed some shaking up)
fa_ru_xue wrote in kenshindressing
[He steps into the dressingroom and looks around, blinking with a mild and surprisingly non-homicidal curiosity. For someone who killed his adoptive family essentially because he could and because he was jealous, he seems... remarkably mild-mannered and even optimistic.]

Well! This isn't Yokohama. This will put me off-schedule by a few days, but miscalculations on behalf of my transportation can't be helped, I suppose. Although I certainly will have to raise a complaint!

[ooc: Enishi comes from just before his arrival in Yokohama at the beginning of the Jinchuu Arc. And by "raise a complaint" he means, "hijack the ship and kill people if possible necessary."]

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[He's glaring at you, it doesn't look much different than not glaring at you. And getting between you and uh... both Misaos.]

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[In a deceptively mild tone.] Have I done something particularly deserving of that kind of treatment? Apart from entrust my travel arrangements to a ship of fools?

I am more interested in what you will do.

I thank you for your fascination, but my plans for the future belong to me.

You wouldn't happen to know where we are, would you?

You won't be able to kill him.

So you've heard of it, then. I suppose plans on this scale would have been impossible to keep secret for long.

Of course, so long as he doesn't find out, I could care less. And of course I'll be able to kill him.

(Deleted comment)
[For a moment, he sees no reason not to believe she's a hallucination. He sees her all the time, after all. It's when he realizes that she's speaking to him--which his hallucination does not usually do--that he begins to think she might be real. Have a long, surprised pause.]


[Another pause. A Tomoe who doesn't know him. How strange. How unbelievably strange. Thanks to the fact that he's bugfuck crazy, this in no way interferes with his desire to utterly destroy Himura Kenshin. For him, Tomoe has already been both alive and dead.]

I... yes, I suppose I should, elder sister.

(Deleted comment)
[A suspiciously loopy grin. The kind of grin generally found on the faces of people who are not entirely connected to reality. His hand reaches out to touch hers. His eyes widen at the feel of her skin under his fingers before he pushes the glasses back up.]

I grew up. I spent time in China. I was traumatized by your husband. [He spits the word like it leaves a bad taste in his mouth. Annnnd now have a gently smiling Enishi, looking at you behind his sunglasses, anger simmering underneath the surface as he notices the bruise and her hair.] But don't worry, don't worry. I'll destroy him for you!

(Deleted comment)
A lot of things, elder sister. A lot of things. I'm twenty-four now, don't you remember? Haven't you been watching?

[He reaches out to touch her cheek. Just because the gesture is tender does not make it not crazy.]

I left father. A long time ago. Don't fret. You'll have what you wanted. I'll make sure of it.

(Deleted comment)
[Have a confused Enishi. He stares at her in wonder for a moment, mind blank, trying to understand her.]

I'm talking about you, elder sister, I'm talking about what he did to you!

(Deleted comment)
[For hints at his facial expression, see icon.]

What? You don't remember? But it's Battousai! He kills you!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

do you have any idea how much I freaked out XD I thought you were posting to my regular RP for a sec

[Have yet another person who's displeased to see you.]

Yukishiro Enishi.

whoops! sorry about that! don't worry, though, this nutter is homeless

Why yes, that is my name! I'm afraid you have the advantage of me, however. [And no, he doesn't like that, not at all. This is starting to look like it's going to delay him more than a few days, which he likes even less.]

oh don't be at first I was like 'CNC HAS AN ENISHI NOW OHMYGODOHNOES'

[Whereas Saitou here is from after the end of the manga, and so is going to be a bit cautious now.

--Also, this Saitou has Enishi's nerve abilities XD Oh lord.]

So I do.

not quite crazy enough to go giving him more superpowers.

[Oh lord, that could get hairy.]

Yes, so you do. And you would be...?

... god he really doesn't need any XD;

[Considering he also has Usui's hearing, yes; yes it could.]

Fujita Goro.

[Orz. That'd be one hell of a fight. And this is Enishi being pleasant. Yes, there are undertones of crazy here.]

A pleasure to meet you, Fujita-san. You wouldn't happen to know where we are, would you?

... /slowly nudges you towards C&C then XD

[Saitou is used to undertones of crazy, yes he is. Also, he doesn't intend to be any help to Enishi right now whatsoever.]

I would not.

You seriously didn't recognize me? It's Kath.

I see. Thank you for your time then.

................. /IS A LOSER OHMYGOD *hides under a rock

[Merely an unfriendly gaze in his direction.]

No worries! I kind of didn't want to scream "also plays Misao" at anyone!

[Yeah. This is Enishi, walking off to find that damned Himura Battousai and kill him dead. Bye Saitou.]

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